Photon Engine

Mobicloud Game Development and VR Studio creates smooth real-time multiplayer experience in partnership with Photon Engine – the world’s #1 independent networking engine and multiplayer platform.

Custom game development based on Photon

Mobicloud Game Development and VR Studio assembled a lot of knowledge in multiplayer gameplay and online user interaction that resulted into several successful projects.

We have managed to build a highly professional team that is deeply immersed in the gaming. Being an Implementation Partner of Photon Engine, Mobicloud Game Development and VR Studio offers custom multiplayer game development.

  • Full-cycle cross-platform multiplayer development
  • Reliable, latency-tolerant turn-based or real-time gameplay
  • Cloud based or custom server implementation
  • Real-time immersive multi-user VR experience



Elements: Epic Heroes

This MMORPG is based on Photon Server solution. Mobicloud has implemented a multiplayer gameplay based on party battles with up to 5 people, active and passive character abilities, tap control, party scrolls, etc. To enforce in-game communication, we created special levels, where up to 50 players can socialize. The game also features custom party matchmaking and convenient load balancing.

Golf Clash

Mobicloud has developed a sport game offering multiple mini golf features. This game uses reliable and scalable Photon Cloud solution for 1 vs 1 real-time multiplayer mode. For a larger group of players a 8-players asynchronous tournament system was introduced. All these multiplayer features support proper reconnection to game in case of unstable internet connection.

MOBA prototype

This MOBA is a team multiplayer mobile prototype made by Mobicloud. It offers real-time battles with 5 vs 5 players and unique abilities per character (for example, teleport, stun, distance attacks, etc.) for the best gaming experience. This game uses twin-joystick control for attacking and movement that is properly synchronized over the network.

21 Drop

Mobicloud has developed this simple and fun web based real-time multiplayer prototype per client’s request. The technical challenge was to synchronize character collisions, dynamic obstacles, targeted/delayed player’s ability effects and loot collection over the network. The game also features room-based real-time leaderboards.


Games built with Photon Realtime have seamless scalability and can be hosted on the Photon cloud that allows to launch real-time games on a global scale and provides players with a minimum latency.

Scalable and customizable back-end system that together with Photon can be used for quick server-side development for simple games.

Photon Server is suitable for any kind of a multiplayer game. Working with Photon Server, developers can create any gaming platform, with any framework or engine they like.