Unreal Engine

Mobicloud Game Development and VR Studio – software development company – creates full-cycle Unreal Engine-powered MMO RPGs, city-builder strategies and sport games with breathtaking graphics and reliable multiplayer backends based on Photon.

Complex custom game development from scratch

With wide experience in both Unity and Unreal Engine, we offer full-cycle development of games or interactive gaming experiences based on client ideas. Unreal Engine allows us to create graphics for a next-gen game experience from complex particle simulations systems to advanced dynamic lighting.

While Unity is a perfect tool for mobile games, Unreal Engine traditionally leads the market of PC and console game development. It empowers us to create any type of visual style either 2D or 3D providing an opportunity to push the graphics further if the project needs an advanced visual solution.



Easy visual scripting

Unreal Engine features Blueprints, a Visual Scripting method, which allows users with no knowledge of C++ or any other programming language to build almost all game functionality without writing a single line of code. Creating game prototypes with this visual programming method is also much easier.

Built-in editor

Unreal Engine visual editor is a configurable and powerful tool that provides precise object positioning on the playground. The UI of Unreal Engine is more flexible and less prone to crashes than that of other game engines, which makes it look and feel more professional.

Stunning graphics

The UE4 has Physically Based Rendering built into its core Rendering pipeline, which means you can produce a lot more realistic and stunning visuals. Instead of supporting Custom shaders (like Unity), Unreal Engine comes with great graphics quality and realism of Physically Based Rendering. This what makes UE a great choice for high-end console, PC games and complex VR experiences such as architecture visualization.

Clear Royalty terms

Epic Games (the company that made Unreal Engine) provides free download access to all engine features, full suite of integrated tools and the C++ source code for the entire engine. You don`t pay anything for UE until you launch your game or application and receive first $3000 revenue per product per calendar quarter. Once the number is reached, you pay Epic 5% of gross revenue.