With over decade’s experience in embedded hardware programming and systems programming on C/C++ create complex software solutions for industrial and commercial use.

We create applications on C/C++

We have been developing complex outsourcing solutions on C/C++ across a variety of fields including manufacturing, finance and stock trading, embedded, network security, supporting leading software companies in their fields including Novell, Anoto, OpenText, StreamServe and op5.

Mobicloud participated in development and maintenance of multi-threaded cross-platform applications, worked on various platforms including Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and others.

  • Native / Cross-platform applications
  • System-level software
  • High Speed Linux/Unix Processes
  • C/C++ Frameworks

WHY C/C++ ?


C is highly portable language, meaning it can be run on different systems.

Lots of library files

There are many open sources for both C & C++ available.


C/C++ languages are very flexible and versatile, they enable fast program execution.


Powerful IDE (integrated development environment) from Microsoft, Visual Studio, allows developers to create scalable web and mobile applications for any platform as well as mixed-language solutions.

Oracle Call Interface that is used directly by Oracle Class Library allows to create fast & lightweight applications. With Oracle Class Library, developers can use SQL flexibility without any restrictions.

Eclipse is an extendable IDE that offers reconciled set of features for most platforms. It provides various flexible tools and frameworks for creating diverse applications.