Mobicloud has 5 years experience of delivering robust, secure, and scalable .Net applications to businesses across the globe. We have proven expertise and a growing talent pool of .Net developers to both build your project from the ground up and scale up your existing .Net software development team.

Explore our .Net expertise

Companies across the globe, from startups to large enterprises, choose .Net for IT outsourcing for a variety of grounded reasons. The platform offers flexibility, scalability, and compatibility with Azure Cloud Services. It is one of the best options for platform-agnostic and multi-language development, and it is easy for deployment. 

We’ve provided .Net development outsourcing services to dozens of companies, including large enterprises, ISVs, and established startups across such industries as fintech, sharing economy, manufacturing, energy management, telecom, and many more. We have experience in working in large, distributed teams and delivering .Net outsourcing services globally.

Besides application engineering, our .Net  developers provide porting .Net framework apps to .Net.Core, cross-technology migration, all-around support and maintenance, and testing.

Also, Mobicloud .Net engineers have experience in building UNIX-based applications with open source .NET Mono.

  • Enterprise software development
  • Web application development
  • Mobile app development
  • Cloud software development
  • Desktop app development
  • Microservices development
  • Cross-platform application development

Featured .Net-based projects

Mobicloud  has a rich portfolio of successfully delivered .Net projects in a variety of industries.

Our .Net developers have wide experience in building scalable and secure Fintech solutions.

Also, Mobicloud software engineers delivered .Net development services (ASP.NET, WCF, WPF) to FirstCry, a leading retailer company. This ongoing partnership has lasted for over 3 years and our .Net team has implemented a number of solutions during this time.

In addition, we’ve developed a .Net-based software platform for various software companies.

Microservices development with .Net

A great variety of companies choose .Net Core for microservices development as it offers compatibility with Service Fabric and Kubernetes, which provide an infrastructure to easily build and upgrade microservices and allows deploying microservices in Docker containers.

Mobicloud .Net developers have long-standing experience in microservices development: building the architecture from scratch; splitting the monolith into loosely coupled services; building microservices around the existing monolith.


Language interoperability

The .NET framework is language neutral, so our .Net developers can reuse the code multiple times thus improving the efficiency of the development process.


.NET Core is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Thus, Mobicloud software engineers leverage it to build efficient, cross-platform applications and port the already developed .Net-based applications across different platforms.

Easy for cloud development and deployment

Mobicloud software developers use .Net and Azure Cloud Services to build fast and scalable cloud applications. Also, .NET is designed to be built into Docker containers, which allows deploying applications to the cloud in a lightweight and efficient way.


The .NET framework provides various security mechanisms to keep the .Net-based solution protected. The framework has built-in Windows authentication and cryptography classes.


Our .Net developers deliver .Net software development services and build high-end solutions for businesses across the globe in a variety of industries.

We choose .Net Core for building scalable, high-performance, and cross-platform applications (Windows, Linux, macOS).

Our ASP.Net developers build fast, low-cost, server-side web applications and dynamic web pages.

Mobicloud .Net developers deliver scalable, efficient, cloud-based solutions which run smoothly on Windows, Linux, and macOS