Mobicloud provides full-cycle product development services for high-tech companies. We help businesses create digital solutions that substaintially improve customer experiences and add substantial business value.

Explore our expertise

Mobicloud experts deliver comprehensive high-tech software solutions that boost the agility of businesses. We help enterprises reinvent their customer experiences with the latest digital technologies to become more responsive to the growing demands of their tech-savvy clients.

Our skilled embedded engineers create robust hi-tech solutions for many technology-intensive industries including automotive, aviation technology, and manufacturing. Mobicloud dedicated development teams also have vast experience in building custom artificial intelligence algorithms, software for process automation, industrial robotics technologies, and more.

Our hi-tech projects and collaborations

Our research and development centers in Ukraine and Poland collaborate with some notable players in the hi-tech sector. For instance, we have been creating hi-tech technology solutions for Anoto, a leading Swedish digital writing company.

Mobicloud also collaborates with a German-based optic fiber broadcasting company SCHAD. This enterprise owns technology that integrates IBM knowledge management system and meter data. Our engineers worked on a solution that allows monitoring and controlling complex industrial processes via a simple mobile application.


Dedicated development teams for hi-tech

Software product development

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Virtual and augmented realities

Process automation solutions

Enterprise mobility applications


Dedicated development teams

Hi-tech software development projects require extensive collaboration between vendors and clients. Mobicloud dedicated development centers become a genuine extension of our clients’ teams.

Agile development

The agile approach lets you improve software quality and reduce time to market at the same time. We use the most efficient software development practices like Scrum/Agile, continuous integration, and more.

Focus on continuous innovation

Research and development teams at Mobicloud utilize cutting-edge technologies that are relevant to the hi-tech sector. We build innovative solutions with virtual reality, machine learning, blockchain, and other technologies.

Diverse technological experience

We are experts with a large pool of technologies and development services. This proficiency allows us to work on challenging hi-tech projects that require a combination of different skills and approaches.