Mobicloud develops efficient, scalable solutions for industrial and manufacturing companies. We will guide you through the software creation journey: from architecture design to development to deployment.

Explore our expertise

We build custom software solutions for manufacturing organizations. We create enterprise mobility apps that improve the operational agility of the industrial companies. Mobicloud engineers are also experts in application integration services for enterprises. Our teams upgrade legacy infrastructures and refactor monolith platforms into efficient cloud-based microservices.

Other areas of Mobicloud expertise in manufacturing include embedded systems and enterprise mobility solutions. See how our embedded engineers deliver multiple applications for various industrial projects, visit our embedded page.

Our projects in manufacturing

Mobicloud dedicated development teams deliver software solutions for global manufacturing companies. For instance, we help Swedish company Anoto to engineer and develop mobile data capture solutions for handwriting. We have established close cooperation with the client, and Anoto regards Mobicloud as an extension of its in-house team rather than an ordinary third-party vendor. See Anoto case study.

Enterprise mobility applications

Mobile application development for enterprises is one of our key areas of specialization. For German company SCHAD, we are building a mobile platform that integrates SCADA and CMMS functionality. This solution enables seamless workflows via mobile devices in industrial environments. Our teams also create intuitive user interfaces for enterprise mobility apps, see Bitlog case study page.

Scalable cloud-based platforms

We are experts when it comes to creating software infrastructures in cloud environments. Mobicloud programmers excel at solutions built with all key platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Our software architects will help you design, develop, and deploy scalable microservices architectures for projects of any size and complexity.


Software design, development, and deployment

Embedded systems and low-level programming

Enterprise mobility solutions

Cloud-native applications

Data management solutions

Internet of Things technologies

Advanced data analytics

Post-implementation support

Process improvement & application maintenance


Dedicated development teams

We see cooperation with our clients as a fusion of your ideas and our technical expertise. Mobicloud bespoke development teams successfully collaborate with several manufacturing companies.

Excellence with embedded solutions

Dedicated Mobicloud engineering teams have extensive knowledge of embedded programming. We are proficient with low-level programming languages such as C/C++ and assemblers.

Focus on continuous innovation

Our R&D centers in Ukraine and Poland are up to date with the latest industry innovations such as advanced data analytics, the Internet of Things, real-time signal processing, and more.

Сultural proximity & domain knowledge

Being an Eastern European solutions provider, we share common cultural traits and business values with our North American and European manufacturing clients.