Mobicloud helps healthcare companies develop innovative software solutions. We use cutting-edge technology such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence to transform the healthcare industry.

Explore our healthcare expertise

Mobicloud has been collaborating with tech companies that drive innovation in the healthcare industry. Our experts deliver healthcare software solutions that boost the efficiency of hospital operations and the effectiveness of treatments. Our engineers have experience in medical technology, personalized medicine, life science and bioinformatics.

We offer a strong track record of web-application development and complex system integrations. Mobicloud  dedicated development teams also design sophisticated machine learning algorithms based on Python & R. Analyzing a large number of inputs like demographics, lab test results and trial data, we can help improve patient outcomes. Better information at the point of patient care results in saved lives.

Artificial Intelligence for healthcare

Artificial intelligence has numerous applications in healthcare. For instance, machine learning algorithms can predict the likelihood of various diseases. We successfully integrate cutting-edge AI libraries such as TensorFlow, Caffe, Theano and many others. Learn more about our AI expertise.

Virtual and augmented realities

Virtual, augmented and mixed realities have already made their way into the healthcare industry. Mobicloud can help you use these technologies in educational, presentational, and marketing purposes, visit this page for VR case studies.

Diverse solutions for healthcare

Mobicloud areas of expertise include full-cycle software product development of healthcare, biotech, and life science software solutions. We create systems that support interactive communication between patients, doctors, labs and medication suppliers to improve the quality of healthcare.

Our solutions for healthcare

We cooperate with Think Research, a Canadian provider of the expert clinical content for hospitals and clinicians. Mobicloud team is working on a privacy-compliant cloud-based platform that helps doctors use the best practices when prescribing treatments. It also allows sharing data between various healthcare providers seamlessly and error-free.

A virtual reality team at Mobicloud also helped Swedish healthcare provider Brighter AB create two immersive applications. Our engineers have contributed to developing the mixed reality solution jDome BikeAround also created Actiste, an augmented reality mobile application.


Data management solutions for hospitals and clinics

Data analytics with machine learning and neural networks

Algorithms for computer vision and neural language processing

VR and AR healthcare software development

Data science for genetics

Big Data solutions for healthcare

Custom healthcare applications development

Complex system integration for healthcare

Smart systems that automate administrative tasks


Focus on security for healthcare

At Mobicloud, we understand the vital importance of data security for the healthcare providers. We have a hands-on experience with compliance and security regulations in the industry.

Data science experts

Mobicloud data scientists build unique analytical solutions for healthcare providers. We’ll help you crunch vast amounts of unstructured data with the top machine learning and AI libraries.

VR & AR proficiency

Our virtual reality experts have massive experience in delivering end-to-end virtual, augmented, and mixed reality solutions. We create realistic immersive environments for all popular devices.

Dedicated development services

Healthcare projects usually span for several months or even years. We offer dedicated development teams for healthcare providers to ensure fast delivery and top quality of the products.