Data Science

Mobicloud delivers Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) and develops complex analytics systems to support competitive intelligence. Our data science teams collect, analyze and process data helping technology businesses and service providers thrive.

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Mobicloud helps businesses turn raw numbers into strategic business insights. We offer Data Science as a Service and create complex analytics systems for technology businesses and service providers. Mobicloud professionals help enterprises unlock the power of data. We create custom data analysis tools that parse big data and turn it into meaningful information for your business.

We transform structured and unstructured data into clear visual metrics that can drive business decisions. By visualizing the results, our engineers make findings understandable for non-technical users.

We build predictive modeling systems

Data scientists at Mobicloud use predictive modeling to forecast probability and predict outcomes. We create both, classification or regression models to support virtually any part of your business: from strategy to marketing to distribution to operations. For instance, Mobicloud data scientists reduced unnecessary hardware maintenance by almost 90% for the leading in-flight internet provider Gogo.

Boost data science with machine learning

Machine learning has unmatched power when crunching huge sets of unstructured data. Our software engineers create custom machine learning algorithms integrating cutting-edge AI frameworks like DeepLearning4J, TensorFlow, and more. For instance, Mobicloud machine learning experts built an AI-enabled tool for an in-flight connectivity leader Gogo. The software predicts failures of the equipment and orders timely replacements.

Diverse tech stack and big talent pool

Our data scientists are proficient in relevant programming languages including Python, R, Java, Scala, C/C++, SQL, Apache Spark/Pig/Hive frameworks, Hadoop, SAS, and more. With offices in the major Ukrainian IT hubs, Mobicloud has direct access to a massive talent pool of graduates and senior data experts. We can promptly find suitable candidates for virtually any data science project.


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Data Science as a Service

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Our professionals analyze the impact of data volumes, variety and velocity on businesses. We help enterprises define effective data management strategies and identify important signals from the rest of the data flow. This way we create a system capable of tracking these critical variables.


Using data science, we create custom data processing models. Our engineers develop self-taught algorithms and solutions that analyze data in real time. Additionally, we can integrate analytical tools into a reporting and visualization system, or we can offer a solution based on your primary platform.

New opportunities

We transform all collected data into actionable insights, graphs, and visuals that are easy to interpret by managerial and non-technical staff. Our goal is to ensure that these insights provide competitive advantages, make data-driven decisions, improve operations, cut costs, and increase revenues.



Mobicloud delivers full-cycle development services of innovative data science solutions for healthcare. We help healthcare providers build innovative solutions that gather and analyze data to produce breakthrough insights.


Software development teams at Mobicloud cooperate with telecom companies analyzing user behavior and improving customer service. We help telcos find and exploit the most efficient touchpoints.


Our engineers create software solutions for energy management. We analyze consumption rates, peak workloads of the energy systems, as well as hardware performance and efficiency.

Finance and Banking

Comprehensive solutions for financial services industry including banks, insurance companies, financial advisory firms, and more. We help these businesses optimize costs and boost revenues with data science.