Business Intelligence

Mobicloud helps companies build, deploy, and maintain secure business intelligence solutions. Our engineers create scalable and manageable software using a full stack of business intelligence technologies and tools.

Explore our business intelligence expertise

Business intelligence solutions allow enterprises take proactive data-driven decisions. Mobicloud BI specialists implement comprehensive data warehousing and reporting solutions. We also integrate and customize the existing BI software to give our clients suitable solutions to their business problems.

BI consultants at Mobicloud have extensive experience in data extraction, data aggregation, data grouping, data modeling, and data visualization. We apply extensive business intelligence knowledge to the best BI tools to produce compelling reports and reveal actionable recommendations for global companies.

Full BI tech stack

Mobicloud offers end-to-end business intelligence consulting services using various BI tools: MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL Hbase, BigSQL Data Lakes, AWS Redshift, Apache Spark & Hadoop, SSIS, SSAS, Pentaho, Tableau, QlikView, Power BI, and more.

Data-driven decisions with BI

Experienced business intelligence developers and consultants transform raw data into valuable business insights. BI professionals at Mobicloud help companies leverage BI tools to eliminate human error and uncover key business metrics.

Business intelligence and business strategy

Business intelligence solutions help companies better understand their consumers and automate business processes. BI allows enterprises to boost profitability, determine areas for further growth, and drive full-scale digital transformations.

How we deliver BI projects

We empower data-driven decision making to increase business performance. Mobicloud business intelligence solutions give competitive advantages to customers across various industries including fintech, finance, banking, telecom, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and more.

Our dedicated development teams delivered over a dozen domain-specific projects for various industries. We use BI framework design that consists of six unique layers: (1) Audit; (2) Staging; (3) Extract, Transform and Load (ETL); (4) Data Definition Language (DDT)/Data Manipulation language (DML); (5) Reporting; (6) Metadata.

Stage 1: Business analysis

We establish business needs, analyze data sources, and get requirements for the end user reports. Our engineers create software architecture, estimate time frames, and design the BI system.

Stage 2: Development

Our engineers develop BI solutions, validate results after deployment, and optimize software performance. We build solutions using a flexible architecture that facilitates lifecycle management and maintenance.

Stage 3: Lifecycle management and support

Mobicloud experts test big data at different stages and then support and maintain a deployed solution. Flexible architecture allows future improvements without compromising deployed solutions and established processes.

Microsoft business intelligence and analytics

Working closely with clients’ management and technical teams, we tailor Microsoft business intelligence and analytics tools to end-users’ needs. Our experts identify BI requirements, as well as evaluate an existing data architecture and technical environment.

Then Mobicloud teams design secure and scalable SQL Server systems, so you get the most out of Microsoft BI platform and analytics solutions.


BI operations support

Mobicloud BI experts provide system support according to a defined SLA. We automate monitoring processes (system, job, package levels) and resolve the issues identified by business users (defects or change-requests).

Master data management solutions

MDM involves creating consistent definitions of business entities via integration techniques across multiple internal IT systems. Mobicloud will help you to identify the most critical information within an organization and create a single source to power business processes.

Spot consulting

We develop technical solutions according to the customer’s list of requirements and specifications. The list may include functional testing and customer support during UAT and go-live.

BI solution audit

Verify your current BI solution to check its scalability and adherence to the best industry standards and practices.


Enterprise BI services

Development of BI solutions

Custom ERP solutions and data profiling

Data warehouse development & ETL development

Microsoft Power BI consulting

Lifecycle management, testing and QA for BI

Data analytics (SSAS) consulting

Data integration and migration (SSIS)

Data warehousing and data visualization (SSRS) consulting


Deep business intelligence expertise

Mobicloud certified BI specialists have over ten years of experience in BI development and consulting.

Technical proficiency

Our teams offer broad expertise with a variety of BI tools and technologies including Microsoft BI tech stack.

Hands-on industry experience

With over 15 years of experience, Mobicloud has delivered insightful BI solutions for various industries.

Insights for strategic decisions

Our data analysts translate BI reports into informative insights for senior executives and business stakeholders.