High Load Systems

Mobicloud extended teams build high-load systems and applications for global companies. We design reliable, efficient, and scalable software that handles large volumes of data requests and backend computations.

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Mobicloud dedicated development teams accumulated massive experience in building high-load systems that deal with a big volume of server requests. We thoroughly design software architectures to optimize the performance of websites with a large number of daily visitors and computations. Efficiency, scalability, and reliability are the prime features of the high-load systems we develop

Mobicloud has broad technological expertise and offers development of additional solutions and technologies. We deliver website user experiences, mobile applications, data management solutions, and cloud platforms,  optimized for high-load environments

Experts in building efficient high-load architectures

Software engineers at Mobicloud design and build robust architectures that effectively tackle common issues of the high load systems. We develop responsive and fast web applications with Python, Scala, Java, and  NodeJS.

Complete tech stack for high-load systems development

Our dedicated development teams have substantial experience with diverse technologies that power high-load systems. We are experts in Java and .NET frameworks, Apache servers, and Linux distributives (Debian, Fedora, and others). Mobicloud engineers are well versed in scripting languages like PHP.

High-availability and zero downtime

Focusing on load balancing, we deliver fault-tolerant applications that handle a maximum number of connections with short response time. High availability is a cornerstone of the high-load systems that we build. Mobicloud software architects use the latest technologies and the best practices to make sure each platform’s core functionality is available without interruptions.


High-load architecture design

High-load and high-performance apps

Refactoring to more efficient infrastructure

High-load systems support and upgrade

Optimization of existing systems

Performance and stress testing



Mobicloud teams create high-load applications that successfully tackle various performance challenges. We design system architectures that maintain high computing speeds and uninterrupted services with short response times. Our experts use load balancing and cloud computing capacities for critical user operations and real-time data processing.


We utilize the most efficient hardware resources when working with large datasets. Mobicloud experts optimize memory usage and available processing capacity with event-driven and distributed architectures based on Node.js. Our experts use concise languages such as Scala to achieve higher productivity with fewer lines of code.


High-load systems built by Mobicloud teams are ready to perform under pressure. We build architectures that handle component failures like software and network crash to ensure high availability of user content at any given time. Our goal is zero downtime that is vital for telecom, finance, healthcare, and any other industry.


Our engineers have in-depth knowledge of Scala and functional programming. Mobicloud  Software Product Development  teams build robust applications that can scale up or down to multiple cores in a network with a single or multiple servers. Scalable systems can handle a growing amount of load and multiple user interactions.