2D and 3D art production, animations, and motion tracking

Mobicloud has an experienced team of diverse artistic talents who create art for mobile RPGs and sophisticated Triple-A games. Our artists cover all stages of the art production lifecycle, from ideation to concepts to PBR-ready characters to game environments.

3D artists at Mobicloud cover various types of art production outsourcing. We create stylized and photo-realistic characters, animals, armaments, props, and scenery. Our team creates art for entire games, separate game levels within a single game, as well as individual assets.

Concept art

Mobicloud 2D artists have created art concepts for various clients. We work closely with the clients’ teams, generating several creative concepts for each project and selecting the most suitable option. Our artists work in different styles and genres.


Our artists collaborate with the clients’ development, marketing, and sales teams to create visually appealing illustrations. Depending on the project’s objectives, Mobicloud teams create amusing, striking, or even provoking visuals that support an overall concept of the game.

User interfaces

2D artists and game designers at Mobicloud generate UI elements that boost user experience of the game. We have created engaging user interfaces for games of various genres. Our teams have designed user interfaces for mobile games, multiplayer shooters, diverse VR experiences, and more.


3D models and environments

Skeletal animations


Concept art

UI elements

Characters and illustrations



At this stage, we collaborate closely with the client. We understand their view and needs. We study the objectives of the project and develop a shared vision with the client.


We create several sets of concept art with sketches and illustrations for each option. Our designers work with the client’s team to identify the most relevant concept.


Our team works independently or in close cooperation with the client. Mobicloud’s developers have worked on projects of various scale and complexity


Before the client presentation, each asset goes through several stages of qualification. We make sure our team delivers outstanding value for every project. Quality is what we are known for.


Flexible team

Mobicloud is a large software development company that can source new team members in a matter of weeks. We can quickly scale artistic resources during the peak load of the project.

Versatile styles

Mobicloud artists work in a wide range of styles, techniques, and game genres. We have 4 years of experience in successful art production.

Extensive talent pool

Our creative work environment encourages innovation and creative thinking. This culture helps us attract and retain top art talent, including experienced artists and high-skilled graduates of Indian art academies

Cultural awareness

For 5+ years, Mobicloud’s game art team has been collaborating with international game developers of various size. We have clients from India, Germany, the UK as well as the Asian markets. Mobicloud establishes effective communication and delivers beyond customer expectations regardless of cultural peculiarities.