Explore our game development expertise

We offer full-cycle game development services to enterprises and companies Mobicloud helps clients implement gaming ideas and build engaging according to their specific requirements. With in-house experts in every game development role, we can quickly assemble a team of experienced game designers, programmers, artists and testers for a project of any size.Mobicloud builds cross-platform games and VR applications with Unity and unreal Engine. We port existing games to new platforms.

Virtual Reality

Our team offers market-leading expertise in  virtual reality, augmented reality and motion tracking technologies. We build games, interactive demos, AR applications, and more. Our experts can enhance VR solutions with extra immersive hardware. Mobicloud can quickly set up a development environment for any additional technologies you have in mind.

Art Production

In addition to full-cycle development, we offer game art production as a service. Mobicloud has versatile artistic talents who cover all stages of art creation from concepts to complete triple-A game levels. Our team has massive experience with stylized and photo-realistic 3D characters, vehicles, environments, and props. We are equally proficient in concept art, UI elements, illustrations, VFX, and animations.


We help our clients integrate game mechanics into existing non-gaming projects. Gamification is a great way to boost customer engagement and increase user retention rates. Our engineers help enterprises apply gamification concept to improve monetization strategies of mobile applications and software solutions. It is a fun and more informal approach to growing your audience and business.


Full-cycle game development

Game art production as a service

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Game porting




Our team

Mobicloud is a team of 50+ game designers, game programmers, game artists, and testers. We are technology enthusiasts and passionate gamers who follow the latest industry trends and strive to make an impact on the future of game development. Our teams create games, virtual environments, 3D interfaces, hyper-realistic visualizations, and much more.

Technology excellence

We have 10 certified Unity developers and seven Unreal Engine experts who build games ranging from mobile RPGs to triple-A blockbusters. Additionally, Mobicloud has massive experience with a wide array of game development tools and technologies. The list includes Photon multiplayer engine, content creation tools, Virtual Reality technologies, OptiTrack motion tracking, and more.


Mobicloud employs versatile artistic talents, including 2D artists, 3D modelers, animators, UI/UX specialists, pixel artists, and more. We have massive experience in game asset production for AAA games, mobile games, and non-gaming applications. Mobicloud artists are passionate about creating high-quality images and know how to make games shine.

Vast experience

Mobicloud has solid expertise in geolocation games, MMORPGs, sports VR simulators, and more. We create multiplayer games for mobile as well as PvP and PvE shooters for virtual reality headsets. Our game Elements: Epic Heroes became one of the TOP-3 new games on Google Play in summer 2014 and the best game in South Korea.